• Decision-Making Engine

    an agnostic source for the events industry ecosystem - aggregating data, providing intelligence and data-driven recommendations to measure and improve ROI

  • Meet Our Founder

    “Event marketing is currently a very expensive and sloppy process in most firms because the relevant information is fragmented, difficult to assemble, and the “database” is often a pile of business cards. Three of five marketers use no tools to measure event ROI, and most companies plan and execute events without specific business objectives.” - Harvard Business Review

    Boz Menzalji

    Founder & CEO

    Fan of Elon Musk

  • Problem

    The Event Ecosystem, consisting of Brands, Event Platforms, Hosts, Vendors and Audience, is chaotic and disparate because data is in disconnected and in inaccessible silos. As a result, Data-Drive Decisions, Measuring and Proving Event ROI is Hard.

    Data Aggregation

    Access Local Events at Scale

    Our goal is to work consolidate event platforms to provide direct access to local events, everywhere for brands, vendors, and audiences.


    Converting Data into Intelligence

    We provide Insights and Analysis of Past Activity to Measure Event ROI for our Users in the Event Ecosystem

    Artificial Intelligence

    Predictive Modeling for Smart Decisions

    We use Predictive Modeling to Convert Knowledge into Smart Decision-Making Recommendations for the Event Ecosystem.

  • How It Works

    We Are an Agnostic Resource for the Event Ecosystem


    Access the Data

    We Aggregate Disparate Data that was Previously Siloed and Hard to Access


    Generate Insight & Analysis

    Built-in Automated Reports, Auditing Trends and Measuring ROI



    Use Predictive Modeling (AI) to Convert Knowledge into Smart Decision-Making Recommendations

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